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December 7, 2019 by Badstone
This is what my Object Desktop says: Object Desktop Upgrade (from Standalone) - ExpiredFrom standalone? Expired? $20 when the full program is $30 out o the box? How is this calculated? I only used this for a little while in 2018... decide to retry and I have to pay again? What's the logic here? What 'upgrade' and thanks.
June 20, 2008 by Badstone
So you think that the higher up the search chain you go the better off your business is? Don't think so. Try this; bid yourself a way up into first place on your placements and just watch the fraudulent clicks go through the roof. You will get more false referrals in a week than you get in a year. Ever hear of no? That's because it and thousands of sites like them aren't sites at all; they're parked and they're used to generate click-throughs on ads that the advertiser pays f...
June 19, 2008 by Badstone
Ah, life. As if things weren't complicated enough, along comes this WWII leftover bunch of wires here and there, and a couple of years go by, and a vice president 'invents' the Internet, and KAPOW next thing you know, google is a verb. You can't be a real business in the 21st if you don't have a website. "Email me" is universal. Selling is an electronic experience. So what's going on? Simple; the googles get richer and the googled get poorer. Google will make money until the Earth figures ...