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Don't blame his wooden head
Published on June 19, 2008 By Badstone In Search Engines

Ah, life. As if things weren't complicated enough, along comes this WWII leftover bunch of wires here and there, and a couple of years go by, and a vice president 'invents' the Internet, and KAPOW next thing you know, google is a verb.

You can't be a real business in the 21st if you don't have a website. "Email me" is universal. Selling is an electronic experience. So what's going on?

Simple; the googles get richer and the googled get poorer. Google will make money until the Earth figures out how universal thought transferrance works. They don't even have a very good search engine - think about it - you want to know how to make an apple pie; Google Search starts you out with 6,040,000 initial options. Great; now what? You click on one of the first 10 items, right? Might as well, with that many choices, does it matter? Well yes it does. The first ten aren't the best  choices, they are simply the ones who PAID TO BE FIRST. What kind of a search is that?

So understanding what is going on in the search engines of the world and the economics that drive them is probably not a bad thing to know about. And, it's not what you think. It's much darker. And then there's the modified search - I have safe search turned off (don't want to miss anything..) and if I search "apple pie" in images, I get boobs on the first page. Another basic tenent of the Internet - porn drives everything. Google doesn't move the Internet forward, Uncle Saul does late at nite by clicking on "<any bad word you can think of>".com. Https? Porn. Streaming video? Porn. etc., etc.

That aside, it's a molecular jungle out there for the average Internet business; trying to get seen, get noticed, and by all means clicked through to is a major hurdle to overcome, to manage and to succeed at. Let's see what we can figure out.



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